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New York City stuntman Sb Trappa is one of the key faces of the dirt bike scene in Harlem, NY. He is a professional bike rider, actor and model. Sb Trappa born and raised in Harlem New York City is known for his passion for incorporating his love for speed and fashionable style. Sb love for speed started at the age of 4 riding bmx bikes. After overcoming many obstacles, he was determined to turn his love and passion for bikes into a career. 


Sb love for speed started first on pedal bikes, he later transitioned into dirt bikes at the age of 5. Being from Harlem he explained in quote; “it’s all about stunting and fashion, you have to be the best and look good doing it” Sb was a fast learner and quickly begin making a name for himself in the tristate area catching the eyes of everyone who witness his amazing skills. 


In 2021 Sb Trappa signed a deal with NYC based extreme sports agency Vikyo Agency, now he is well on his way to making a name for himself, leaving a impact in the entertainment industry.


 Fans can stay up to date with Sb Trappa by following his Instagram @Sb_Trappa, where he frequently updates his followers on new projects.

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