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Salik World Entertainment also known as SWE own and operate a broad array of businesses in the USA. SWE is home to Autrumn Records, Chef Boyz Productions, Vikyo Agency, BR Brands and Ari-Plugged DBA Plugged. SWE over sees all subsidiary companies business operations including funding for all future and current projects. Although SWE is the parent owner of these subsidiary companies, each subsidiary company maintains 100% creative control keeping each business as a separate entity. Created in 2019 Autrumn Records successfully secured a recording contract for artist "Ariie West" and his imprint Autrumn Records and newly signed artist Sara Night through Nat Robinson's CEO of "First Priority Music"  Senior A&R Jonathan Michael Rivera.

Contact & FAQ

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FAQ and details on how to contact Salik World Entertainment.

1180 Avenue Of The Americas

New York, NY 10036

Our Labels And Brands

Chef Boyz Productions, Vikyo Agency, Autrumn Records Br Brands. Ari-Plugged

Salik World Entertainment is an American global entertainment company. SWE's global corporate headquarters are located in New York, NY. Wikipedia

CFO / President, Robert K. April, 2018 - Current

Senior A&R Autrumn Records Alvin S. 2020 - Current

Headquarters: New York, NY

Subsidiaries: Autrumn Records, Chef Boyz Productions, Vikyo Agency, BR Brands

Parent organization: Salik World Entertainment LLC.

Artist: Ariie.West, Sara Night

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